Monday, 27 February 2012

Himmmmmmmmmm is nobody ==

the person is damn nice
the person is really good
the person respect others
the person is  handsome
the person is cool
 the person is  handsome, and the person is awesome enough
and the most important thing is the person do be my good example <3
and i do like and care hahaha
and its really never cross my mind. I pray hard for the best.
May Allah bless every single thing we do. Insyaallah.

*being naughtier day by day and this make myself worry. oh nooo but yeah the person do make me realise of everything actually* Allah send the person,too as a test for me i guess.
I do miss my Faman Yusra Najjua Alia Ain . I love sumaiyah afiqah othman aina puteh amina wani umirah syaza and the person. tet tettt tetttt seeyah.

Exam is just killing me, nervous system shaking. :3